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Dictionary is a part of the Codex which describe 424 words in game. Reading the Dictionary also allow you to complete it and give bonus Hero Points. It's officially added to the game since patch 1.7.

All these words now are listed within 15 groups.

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All Resist Adds to the Resist amount of all other resists
All Set Ranks Increases the rank of all Sets that are currently active for your character
All Skill Ranks Increases the rank of all Skills that are currently active for your character
All Spell Procs Increases the chance for all Procs to trigger
All Talent Ranks Increases the rank of all Talents that are currently active for your character
AoE Damage Increases the Damage of AoE spells
AoE Radius Increases the Radius of AoE spells in yards
AoE Range Increases the Radius of AoE spells by percentage
Arc Dodge Each dodge has a chance to cast Arc on a nearby enemy
Armor Increases Armor Rating
Armor Percent Increases Armor Rating by a percentage
Attack Spd Increased overall attack speed
Balance Adds Total HP and Total MP
Bleed Chance Chance to cause a Bleed. Deals 100% of the Attack's DMG to the enemy every second for 10 seconds
Bleed DMG Increases the amount of DMG that Bleed deals
Blind Chance Chance to blind an enemy, leaving them to wander aimlessly for 3 seconds
Block Increased chance to Block
Clearcast The chance to cast any skill for free
Control Duration Increases duration of your control impairing effects
Cooldown The amount of time it takes for a skill to become available after casting.
Crit Chance Increased chance of critical hits
Crit DMG Increased DMG of critical hits
Crushing Blow Chance to take 25% of enemy's current health. If the enemy is Magic or above, this percentage is affected by the formula: Percent = .25 ^ Rarity Level
Damage Reduction Total Damage reduced
Deadly Strike Chance to do double Critical DMG on Critical Strike
Dexterity Increases the Heroic Skill Rank of Dexterity
DMG Per Pierced For each time a spell pierces an enemy, its damage is increased
Dmg to Elites Increased DMG dealt to Magic rarity and above enemies
Dodge Increased chance to Dodge
Elemental Crit (Critical) Chance to cause either Freeze, Toxic, Immolate, or Paralysis
Elemental Weaken Chance to reduce enemy resists by 50%
Empty Socket Adds a slot for socketing items like Mythstones.
Experience Boost Increases the amount of Experience gained for slaughtering enemies.
Explode on Attack Attacks have a 5% chance to cause a large explosion based off of your total Mainhand DMG
Extra Attack Chance Adds a 50% chance for an additional attack. Additional Attacks occur if the preceding Extra Attack occurs.
Fortune Increases the Heroic Skill Rank of Fortune
Freeze Chance to Freeze enemies in place with Ice attacks
Frostbiting Increased DMG done to chilled enemies
Frozen Immune Cannot Be Frozen
Glasscannon Increases total damage and lowers total HP by a percentage
Gold Find Increased Gold drop rate
Hit Frequency The amount of times a spell hits enemies per second
HP Leech Each hit replenishes HP based on DMG Dealt
HP Percent Increases HP by a percentage
HP Regen The amount of HP that regenerates over 5 seconds
Ignore Resist Attacks ignore all enemy resists
Immolate Deals 100% of the Fire Attack's DMG to the enemy every second for 4 seconds
In Control Reduces duration of control impairing effects on you
Intelligence Increases the Heroic Skill Rank of Intelligence
Item Quantity Increases the overall amount of item drops including weapons, armor, crystals, mythstones, hp/mp orb, and gold
Killswitch Traps now explode for OH DMG % when destroyed
Knockback Chance to cause enemies to be pushed back when hit by spells
Knockback Distance The distance enemies are pushed back by spells with Knockback
Luck Increased rarity of items dropped
Mana Absorb Damage taken is converted into MP. This happens before any damage hits armor or resists.
Move Speed Increases the movement speed of your character. Has an overall cap of 100% from all movement modifying effects
MP Leech Each hit replenishes MP based on DMG Dealt
MP Percent Increased percent of total MP
MP Regen Regenerates MP over 5 seconds
Multi Attack Adds additional attack for 50% DMG
Mythology Increases DMG of Mythic Skills
Paralysis Chance to stun enemies with Shock Attacks
Pickup Radius Increases the range that items are picked up
Piercing Chance The chance for spells to pass through enemies
Projectile Speed Increases the speed of projectiles
Rebound Chance Chance for the projectile to rebound off of enemies
Reduced Resource Cost Reduces the amount of resource ( MP, HP, Fury, Energy ) to use skills
Reflect DMG Once hit, reflects a percentage of that damage back to its attacker
Regeneration Adds Total HP Regen and Total MP Regen
Resist Resists Enemy DMG based on the element.
Slow Projectile Slows the speed of all projectiles cast
Specialist Chance to cast your Special skill for free 1 second after casting
Spell Duration Increases the length of time a spell stays active
Spell Size Increases the overall size of the spell
Strength Increases the Heroic Skill Rank of Strength
Stun Chance Chance to stun an enemy for 3 seconds
Summon DMG Increased all DMG dealt by Summons
Summon Fury Summons a Fury that deals ranged damage to nearby enemies
Summon HP Increased all HP of Summons
Toxic Chance to spawn a poison cloud that deals 400% of the poison DoT damage originally dealt to all enemies in the cloud
Weapon DMG % The first calculated DMG Multiplier to afffect the Weapon's DPS
Weapon DMG + Adds DMG to the Weapon's total DMG after DMG % is calculated.
Add Affix Adds a random normal affix
Add Level Improves the item level randomly by at least 1 to max 100 based on highest floor reached
Add Quality Improves the quality of the item by 1%
Change Affix Randomly change an affix to something else in the same available affix pool
Class Converts item's affixes, skills, and talents to a new class
Crystal Affix Adds a random powerful Crystal Affix to the item
Disenchant Removes a random number of affixes from the item
Element Change Element of item to a random new element
Enchant Adds a random affix ( normal or epic ) with a chance to fail or fizzle
Epic Affix Adds a random Epic Affix
Legend Affix Adds a random Legend Affix
Nature Randomizes item's Nature
Remove Affix Removes selected affix from item
Reroll All Rerolls all affix stat ranks
Reroll Stat Rerolls a single affix stat
Salvage Removes selected Socketable from item
Set Affix Adds a random Set Affix appropriate to the item's class
Socket Adds an Empty Socket to the item
Special Randomizes item's Special skill ( if appropriate )
Talent Randomizes item's Talent ( if appropriate )
Ally Enemies that are spawned with Rare Enemies with 100% Increased Health
Bewildering Enemy spawn shock bombs that Stun on hit
Cannot Be Stunned Enemy cannot be stunned
Elemental Enemy spawns various Elemental effects
Experienced Increases Experience given by enemy by 100%
Explosive Enemy spawn fire bombs that Immolate on hit
Extra Damage Increases Enemy Damage by 50%
Extra Fast Increases Enemy Movement Speed up to 100%
Extra Health Increases Enemy Health by 100%
Fast Attack Increases Enemy Attack Speed by 50%
Freezing Enemy spawn ice bombs that Freeze on hit
Gracious Increases amount of items dropped by Enemy by 200%
Greatly Resists Damage taken from matching element reduced to 25%
Haunting Enemy spawn poison bombs that Fear on hit
Knockback Enemy's attacks cause Knockback
Teleports Enemy Teleports to player when player tries to get out of enemy range
Thorns Deals 10% of Hero's Current Health in Damage back to Hero
AR Armor Rating
Armor Damage After Armor = Damage - ( Damage * ( Armor / ( Armor + 2.5 * Damage ) ) )
AS Attacks per Second
BWD Base Weapon Damage
DPS ((((BWD*(1+WD%)*(1+WIQ)) + WD)*(1+ED%))))+ED)*AS
ED Flat Elemental Damage across all gear
ED% Elemental Damage % across all gear
Resist Damage After Resistance = Damage - ( Damage * ( Resist / ( Resist + 0.15 * Damage ) ) )
WD Flat Weapon Damage on weapon
WD% Weapon Damage % affix on weapon
WIQ Weapon's Item Quality
Adventure Picking up gold grants as much experience as it does gold
Apocalypse Summon Three Furys that fall from the sky, shattering the earth below
Arc Beams of energy chain off of enemies, hitting up to 5 targets
Bombard Call down a barrage of Meteors from the Sky
Brutal Deadly Strike deals 3x crit damage instead of 2x
CosmicOrb Launches an orb that releases bolts that deal 100% MH DMG
Cyclone Spin furiously while striking and pulling in all nearby enemies
Dauntless Reduces DMG taken by 1% for every enemy within 10 yards of you
Draught Your MP potion increases attack and move speed by 50% for 3 seconds instead of restoring MP
Earthquake Shatter the earth around you for 3 seconds, causing enemies to be stunned
Effective All attacks in any element will always be Effective
Empyrean Deal an additional 100% MH DMG when you cause an Elemental Critical
Energy Convert Resource system to Energy. Primary Skills Cost 10 Energy, Secondary Cost 30. Damage dealt with Specials increased by % Energy stored.
Enigma Bends reality and teleports forward, shattering the earth at the start and finish
Exposed Enemies that have been pierced by projectiles take 50% more DMG from all attacks
Fleeting While moving your MP Regen increased by 25%. While stationary your MP Regen is reduced by 25%.
Fury Convert Resource system to Fury. Gain Fury from Primary Attacks, Spend Fury with Special Attacks. Damage dealt with Specials increased by % Fury stored.
Harmony Primary Skills recover mana, Special Skills cost 50% more mana
Hunter Shrines will always spawn 1-3 shrine guardians
Mirrored Reflect Damage Increased by Block Chance
Mythical All Mythic Skills deal 25% more DMG
Nova Cause an Elemental explosion with 100% chance for Elemental Critical
Recover Increases HP Regen by 100% when out of combat
Redirect Reflect Damage is now also applied to Dodged or Blocked enemies
Resourceful Resource orbs explode for the % recovered in MH DMG
RockBlast Launches a series of elemental rocks forward, knocking back all enemies hit
Ruptured Bleeding enemies take 50% more damage
Sanctuary Automatically recover 25% HP when you suffer a hit that would kill you. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.
Skilled Increase the damage of Primary skills by 50%
Summoner Reduces DMG taken by 3% for every summoned minion active
Sureshot Gain 100% Critical Hit Chance against enemies at full health.
Synergy Command's heal and Summon's speed boost also affect you
Unity All your resists match your highest resist
Vanish Activate Stealth and Blind all nearby enemies
Abyss Increases Elemental Weaken chance by 10%
Boon Heal 2% Total HP on hit
Clarity 10% chance to cast any spell for free
Death Chance to do double Critical DMG on Critical Strike
Elixer Increases the rank of all Skills by 5, Talents by 5, or Set Items by 2
Endow Increases Weapon DMG by 50%, Increases Weapon DMG by 50%
Flight Increases Movement Speed by 10%
Fortune Increases item drop rate by 30%
Gift Gain 2% Total MP on hit
Haste Increases Attack Speed by 15%
Hero Increases Total HP by 25%
Master Increases Proc Chance of all Proc Skills by 10%
Mentor Increases Total MP by 25%
Protest Increases resistance to all elements by 100
Quest Increases Experience Gained by killing enemies by 30%
Rebirth Increases Crushing Blow chance by 10%
Return Converts 10% DMG taken to MP
Time Reduces all Cooldowns by 15%
Wisdom Reduces all Resource Cost by 10%
Zenith Adds 2 Extra Attack Chances, Adds 2 Extra Attack Chances, or Adds 2 Multi Attack ( deals 50% DMG )
Blessed 15% Resist
Death 2.5% Crit Chance
Elements 5% Elemental Damage
Evasion 1.5% Dodge
Greed 25% Gold Find
Haste 2.5% Attack Speed
Luck 10% Luck
Protection 15% Armor
Strength 10% Critical Damage
Wisdom 2.5% Resource Cost
Fetch Helps you find hidden gold piles and picks up all dropped gold piles for you
Hoard Steals normal items and items below your loot pick up threshold ( in options ). After collecting 5, he gives you a rare item in return
Wish Heals you the same amount as a potion when your health drops below 50%
Adventurer While Gold Collected indicator is showing, +Move Speed and DMG by (rank)%
Aftermath When your Meteor spell hits the ground, it has a 25% chance per rank to cast Taunt. When you cast Shatter, it has a 25% chance per rank to cast Fear. Each spell has a 25% chance per rank to reset the other spell's cooldown.
Ascendent Increases All Resists by 12.5% per rank, adds 12.5% per rank to Prismatic effect ( chance to cast a random element ), and applying Arcane DMG to enemies reduces their other resists by 12.5% per rank
Ballista Boosts Thrown Item DMG by 1% per rank for every yard traveled. Adds 12.5% per rank to Knockback
Battle Mage Replaces your mainhand's skill with Warrior's Charge and your mainhand's special with Warrior's Whirlwind. Adds 50% Armor per rank.
Blood Magic Replaces all MP, MP Regen, and MP Leech with HP equivalents, and removes your MP bar. You now use HP to cast spells and spell cost is increased by 2x. Increases DMG by 12.5% per rank.
Buccaneer Scatter Shot's DMG is increased by 25% per rank of your Gold Find on gear. Does not include Gold Find from bonuses or buffs.
Cosmic Power Adds 25% MP and MP Regen per rank. Time Warp adds 2.5% per rank of max MP to any projectile's DMG that passes through the Time Warp
Crystalline 7.5% per rank increased Crystal drop rarity
Deadly Arts Deadly Strikes have a 0.5% per rank chance to finish all Cooldowns, DMG taken reduced by Deadly Strike%
Defiant Increases DMG and DMG Reduction by 6.25% per rank of total HP% missing
Druidic HP and MP Regen 25% per rank. Adds 150% per rank Total Regen to Poison DoT DMG
Electrified Reflect DMG is applied to area, and is increased by 50% per rank. Attacks have a 5% per rank chance to Paralyze.
Equality Reduce resource costs and DMG taken by 7.5% per rank of your HP/MP equality ( Equality = 100 - ((( HP - MP) / MP ) * 100) )
Eternalized 7.5% per rank increased Eternal drop rate
Faun's Gifts Increases Total HP% and All Resist by 12.5% per rank Luck on Gear
Frozen Frozen enemies create a 25% per rank Mainhand DMG explosion when killed.
Golden Veins Increases HP and Bleed DMG by 25% per rank Average Gold Find on gear
Iceburn While Mana Shield is active, deal 12.5% per rank Mainhand DMG to all nearby enemies
Living Force All projectiles are pulled back to caster for 50% per rank DMG on return
Maelstrom Increases the DMG of all proc spells by 7.5% per rank
Momentum All DMG dealt is increased by movement speed. Damage Increase = 25% per rank * Current Movement Speed ( Capped at 100% Movement Speed Increase )
Mythical 7.5% per rank increased Mythstone drop rarity
Nadroji Increases the chance to find extremely rare Legends by 12.5% per rank
Overload 5% chance per rank to cast a blinding AoE when struck for 50% per rank Mainhand DMG
Pathfinder Reduces DMG taken by 12.5% per rank of total Dodge
Periphery 7.5% chance per rank to spawn a Whirling Chakram on any Chakram's Return
Permafrost Adds 10% Ice DMG per rank, and 7.5% DMG taken per rank is converted into to MP before you're hit ( uses Mana Absorb stat ).
Plagued Armor is set to 25% per rank of your current HP. Increases Poison's DoT (Damage over time) DMG for each Enemy poisoned by 25% per rank
Rage Increase Armor by 12.5% per rank Crit Chance, and 0.5% per rank of Total Armor is added to Crit DMG
Reactor Orb now casts Arc each half second for 12.5% per rank MH DMG
Spell Sword Converts mainhand skill into Comet, and converts mainhand special to Meteor. Increases DMG, All Resists, and Total MP% by 20% per rank of your total Dodge
Spirit Master Increases the total possible Spirit Minions summoned by rank
Summoner Increases all Spiritmancer talents by rank and boosts all Summon item affix values by 7.5% per rank
Terrashaper 7.5% chance per rank to cast EarthShatter on hit and attack
Trickster 20% Chance per rank to cast a Mirror Image when using Offhand Special
Vampiric Touch Increases Bleed DMG and Total HP by 50% per rank, applying bleed heals 1% HP. Removes HP Regen
Zealotry Equipping Hammers +Attack and Move Speed by 5% per rank. Equipping Shields +DMG by 5% per rank.
Experience Increases all experience gained by 25%
Fortune Increases all Luck by 50%
Increase Damage Increases all damage by 25%
Item Quantity Increases the amount of items dropped by 50%
Pool Restores Health and Mana for every friendly hero
Resist All Increases all resists by 25%
Summon Enemy Summons a random Epic Enemy
Barrage Fires bolts quickly with a 50% chance to cast additional bolt
Bash Deals 240% offhand DMG to all enemies with 100% Knockback
Blast Blasts enemies for 100% weapon DMG each second
BlinkStrike Teleports to targeted enemy, dealing 600% weapon DMG
Boomerang Throws a Chakram that magically trails back to the Rogue
Charge Lunges forward, piercing all enemies along the way for 100% weapon DMG
Cleave Cleaves all enemies in front of the warrior with a 30% chance to cause bleeding
CoatWeapon Coats weapons to cause next attack to Crit and Elemental Crit
Comet Fires a bolt that explodes on hit and deals 100% weapon DMG to all enemies in area
Command Summons a defensive spirit. While active this skill taunts and heals all minions for 10% HP
EarthShatter Erupts the ground infront of the warrior causing 3 craters for 500% DMG
Fear Plants a Totem in the ground that DMGs and fears all nearby enemies
Flurry Slashes enemies very quickly with a 50% extra attack chance
GroundStomp Shatters the ground, stunning and dealing 300% offhand DMG to all enemies
GuidedShot Shoots a nature guided arrow that seeks and pierces the nearest enemy
KnightsCharge The Warrior rushes forward, dealing up to 600% weapon DMG with knockback
LayTrap Throws a trap in front of the Rogue that links to other traps, dealing 175% offhand DMG
ManaShield Summons a shield that takes mana when hit, and reflects 200% offhand DMG
Meteor Summons a meteor from the sky that deals 600% weapon DMG on impact to all enemies hit
MirrorImage Summons a copy of the Rogue that copies mainhand abilities for 5 secs
MultiShot Fires a deadly barrage of arrows for 500% weapon DMG
Orb Fires a piercing orb that travels through enemies hitting for 175% weapon DMG per hit
Pierce Fires a bolt that pierces through all enemies
QuickAttack A precision strike that decreases the Cooldown of the weapon's Special
Ricochet Fires special bullets that can ricochet off walls up to 4 times losing 25% DMG per strike
Scalp Throws 7 hatchets forward for 250% offhand DMG with a 100% chance to cause bleeding
ScatterShot Fires a blast that deals 700% weapon DMG and blinds enemies
Sentry Throws out 3 traps at once that deal 175% offhand DMG
Shatter Teleports the Wizard forward and explodes on impact for 500% offhand DMG
Skulldraga Summons a giant skulldra that shoots 3 500% offhand DMG projectiles at once
SkullShield Summons a Skull that acts as a turret, firing at nearby enemies for 300% offhand DMG
Smash Smashes the ground causing an shockwave that DMGs for 100% DMG
SmokeBomb Escape with a Smoke Cloud that deals 500% offhand DMG per sec and Blinds enemies
Sprint Increase speed by 50% and leaves behind pools of elements that deals 150% offhand DMG
Stealth Doubles Damage, dodges all attacks for 2 seconds, and removes all DoTs
Storm Summons a devestating storm that deals 550% weapon DMG over 5 seconds
Summon Summons an offensive spirit. While active this skill boosts move and attack spd by 50%
Swap Swap places with nearest mirror image or enemy. Stuns and DMG +2x if with Mirror Image
Taunt Plants a Totem in the ground that DMGs and pulls all nearby enemies toward the Warrior
Teleport Fires off an 100% offhand DMG explosion and teleports Wizard forward
ThrowSword Launches the Warrior's sword forward, piercing through enemies for 800% DMG
TimeWarp Summons field that slows everything within, adds 100% offhand DMG to bolts
Torrent Summons three Torrents that deals 500% offhand DMG each tick
Toss Throws 3 hatchets with a 30% chance to cause bleeding on impact
Twister Summons a torrential twister that pulls enemies and deals 300% weapon DMG per hit
Vault Leaps forward causing Blind to all enemies near
WhirlingBlades Throws two Chakrams in a spiral pattern
Whirlwind Spins furiously for 3 seconds, striking everyone in range for 200% weapon DMG
Health Each point in Health increases HP by 50
Mana Each point in Mana increases MP by 50
Power Each point in power adds 25 DMG to your base total DMG
Ambush 1% per rank chance for projectiles to spawn traps on impact
Amplify 2% per rank DMG for each Element Effect on enemy
Assault 4% per rank chance to cast Toss on attack
Astral Increases Elemental DMG by .25% per rank of All Resist
Backfire 10% per rank Mana Shield DMG
Barrier Mana Shield MP consumes -1.5% per rank MP
Bewilder Projectiles have a 1.5% per rank chance to Stun
Blessed 15% per rank All Spell Resist
Blindside 10% per rank DMG on Chakram return
Bloodbath Heal for 25% per rank of Bleed DMG dealt
Bombardier 2.5% per rank chance to cast another bomb after using Bomb
Boost 1% per rank Minion Move and Attack Speed
Brutality 1.5% per rank Bleed chance for all attacks
Bulwark Blocked attack give 0.5% per rank Block for 15 seconds
Celerity 2.5% per rank increased speed of Chakrams
Cleanse DoT effects heal for 1% per rank of DMG Dealt
Continuity Time Warp also slows melee by 2.5% per rank
Cosmic Increase All Resist by 10 per rank
Counter Dodged attacks return 20% per rank DMG to enemy
Crush Increase Shield DMG by 5% per rank Block
Darkness 1.5% per rank more DMG to enemies who are blinded
Deadeye Increases Crit chance by .05% per rank each second until Crit
Deadfall 2% per rank Trap duration and 2% per rank Trap DMG
Deception 1.5% per rank chance for Mirror Image to taunt enemies on attack
Dextrous Increases Dodge by .05% per rank each second until Dodge
Diffusion 2.5% per rank DMG diverted to Minions
Empower 2.5% per rank Power, -2.5% per rank Max HP
Ensnaring 2.5% per rank chance for Traps to Stun
Fester 2.5% per rank Element Effect duration
Fletcher Attack speed while using a bow is increased by 0.5% per rank
Focus 2% per rank Weapon DMG
Frenzy 1% per rank Move and Attack Speed when enemies bleed
Fustigate 1.5% per rank chance to Stun enemies
Hardened 1.5 Armor per Health stat point
Hearty 1.5% per rank Minion HP
Iceberg 2.5% per rank chance to Freeze enemies when hit
Icebound 5% per rank Frostbite DMG
Icy Touch 1% per rank Freeze chance on (ice) attacks
Illusion Increased duration of Mirror Images by 1% per rank
Insight 1% per rank Dodge, gain .25% per rank MP with each Dodge
Lacerate 2.5% per rank Bleed DMG
Magnify .2% per rank Area of Effect range
Mastery Reduces Cooldowns by 0.5% per rank
Might 2.5% per rank Elemental DMG
Mindful Element affected enemies give 25% per rank MP Regen
Mirage 2.5% per rank chance to cast an additional Mirror Image
Mutilate 1.5% per rank chance to attack an additional time with daggers
Necrotic 2.5% per rank Skull DMG
Noxious Smoke Bomb reduces enemy resists by 1.5% per rank
Phalanx 2.5% per rank Block at the cost of -2.5% per rank Dodge
Pistoleer 2.5% per rank increased chance of bullets ricocheting to enemies
Prayer Using offhand heals for 1% per rank HP
Prismatic 2.5% per rank chance to cast other elements
Propulsion 1.5% per rank chance to knockback enemies with projectiles
Prowess 2.5% per rank Minion DMG
Razored 1.5% per rank chance for attacks to cause bleeding
Rebound 7.5% per rank DMG of ricocheted bullets
Recall 1% per rank chance to cast Summon on attack
Reclaim 1% per rank chance to cast Skull Shield on attack
Reflect Blocked Ranged Attacks Reflect for 20% per rank DMG
Relentless 2.5% per rank Cooldown reduction from Quick Attack
Remedy Smoke from Bomb heals .1% per rank HP per second
Sharpened Swords and Axes increase Crit DMG by 2.5% per rank
Sorcery 5% per rank Element Effect effectivness
Spiritual 1% per rank Minion Health Regen
Stagger 2.5% per rank chance for critical strikes to Stun enemies
Stonecold 2.5% per rank (ice) DMG
Suffering Bleeding enemies have 1.5% per rank chance to miss
Veil 2.5% per rank Stealth duration
Wizardry 1% per rank Element Critical chance
Wrath Periodically DMGs nearby enemies for .2% per rank DMG
Zealous When above 75% HP, 0.5% per rank Move and 0.5% per rank DMG
AoE Means Area of Effect. Any Spell that affects an area is classified as an AoE
Buff Pet The chance to slightly increase the affix ranks of the Pet, or add a new affix to the Pet
Cartographer Special Epic enemy that can randomly spawn in normal dungeon floors and guards the ends of Challenge Maps
Challenge Map An item that teleports you to a special Dungeon Floor with randomized environments with random Map Affixes that increase the difficulty of the Dungeon
DMG Damage
DoT Damage/Debuff over Time. Poison, Fire, Shock, Ice, and Ascendent all cause DoTs on enemies.
DPS Damage Per Second
Fire DoT Deals 40% of the Fire Attack's DMG to the enemy every second for 2 seconds
HP Health Points
Ice Effect Applies a Chill effect on the enemy, slowing their movement by 50%
Loot Explosion Large amounts of items, gold, crystals, mythstones and orbs drop
MH Mainhand Weapon
MP Mana Points
OH Offhand Weapon
Poison DoT Deals 12.5% of the Poison Attack's DMG to the enemy every second for 8 seconds
Proc Short for 'process' - an event triggered under particular circumstances. These circumstances are generally events like on attack, on hit, on dodge, etc.
Random Map Kill the Cartographer to complete the Map and collect a new Random Map
Shock Effect Applies a 12.5% Damage Taken debuff to enemies, stacking up to 4 times for 50% increased damage taken by enemies
Shrine Magical structures that provide either buffs or HP and MP regeneration
Tip 1 Each Weapon or Offhand has a special skill associated with it.
Tip 2 Each Weapon or Offhand has a special skill associated with it.
Tip 3 Keep an eye out for red glowing loot on the ground, those are Legend Items!
Tip 4 Follow @DungeonQuest_SB on twitter for the latest news on Dungeon Quest!
Tip 5 All purchases made in the game remove ADs!
Tip 6 Use Mythstones to add mythical affixes to Empty Sockets found in items
Tip 7 Use Crystals to greatly enhance and customize your items!
Tip 8 Need more detailed DQ information? Check out the Codex's Dictionary in the Hero Menu!
Tip 9 Complete feats to gain Hero Points that are used to gain Heroic Levels!
Tip 10 Each Mythstone used has a chance to unlock Mythic item hints in the Codex, found in the Hero Menu!
Tip 11 Enjoy collecting Legend items? Check out the Codex's LegendEx to keep track of your collection!
Tip 12 Feeling Lost? Purchase the Reveal Map from the store to quickly find the exit!
Tip 13 Want to gain levels even faster? Purchase an EXP boost from the Shop!
Tip 14 Make sure to stock up on health and mana potions from the Merchant.
Tip 15 Remember to spend your stat points after every level gained!
Tip 16 Running out of inventory space? Purchase more bags on the Inventory or Enchant screen!
Tip 17 Purchase new save slots from the Main Menu. These allow you to have more characters!
Tip 18 You can travel back to completed floors using the Floor Select option from the Pause Menu
Tip 19 You can change Enemy Power from the Main Menu. Harder enemies mean more XP and more LOOT!
Tip 20 You can adjust your controls from the Options Menu!
Tip 21 Left and Right Control Options allow you to adjust what side of the screen your Virtual Movement Stick is on!
Tip 22 You can change the size of your Virtual Movement Stick! Pause Menu -> Options -> Controls
Tip 23 You can guide your character with Tap To Move Controls! Check out Options -> Controls to enable Tap Mode
Tip 24 There are typically 3 treasure chests per floor... can you find them all?
Tip 25 Remember to take along another character for the adventure. Hire them from the main menu
Tip 26 Many vanity items can be purchased for gold! Check out the new Shop!
Tip 27 Don't like seeing damage numbers? Turn them off in gameplay options
Tip 28 Remove the enemy/ally life bars! Check out the options menu
Tip 29 Don't like the screen shake on some skills? Turn it off in game play options
Tip 30 Poison enemies are weak to shock, while ice enemies are weak to fire!
Tip 31 Shock enemies are weak to poison, while fire enemies are weak to ice!
Tip 32 Check out dq.shinyboxgames.com for the latest DQ news, tips, and community events
Tip 33 Use the DQ Account system to save your progress and transfer your save data
Tip 34 Looking to make loot runs? Adjust what item rarities you want to pick up in the options menu
Tip 35 Your hireling can be revived in game if they perish!
Tip 36 Be careful, if you die in a boss while you have a hireling you will have to rehire them!
Tip 37 You can control your Hirelings equipment by touching their portrait while in the game.
Tip 38 Have questions about DQ? You can email support@shinyboxgames.com or visit our forums for help
Tip 39 After you have completed the first 20 floors, you must defeat each floor's Guardian to proceed
Tip 40 Use TapATalk? Join our great community forums, just search for Shiny Box Forums using TapATalk