DungeonQuest Wiki

Hello everyone! This page is for your ideas for the game. It may include new items, affixes, crystals, mythstones, enemies, elements and more! No one can stop your imagination. If you want to site your ideas, you may reply. Here are some tips to follow in replying in this page:

  • If its a new world, you may site the name of the guardian, the element, the enemies, or the exclusive destructible. (Like for example, Ignis(Guardian), Fire(Element), Fire Slime/Skeleton/Death Guard/Molten Fury/Summoner(Enemies), Skull Pile(Exclusive Destructible)
  • A feat should contain its reward and its required quantity to accomplish.
  • Crystals should contain what does it do to the item.
  • Mythstones should contain what affix does it add to either a weapon, armor or jewelry (amulets and rings.)
  • Mythics should state on what does it do, what item can it be applied to, and what combination of mythstones does it need.
  • Elements, no need for explanation.

It's unnecessary to put all of it, anyways, enjoy citing your ideas!