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The Rogue is the third class in the game, and the only female representative. As with most rogue like classes, her general playstyle focuses on dealing a lot of damage as quickly as possible while avoiding damage instead of taking them. 

Class Special Trait

The Rogue's class special attribute is Power. When adding points to power, each point also increases her dodge by 0.05%.


Skills in Dungeon Quest are based on what type of weapon you equip. Rogue Skill Uses Mana, a source of energy to cast its spell.

There are 4 types of Mainhand weapons and 4 types of off-hand weapons below.

Each type of weapon gives you access to different skills


Main Skill Quickattack
A precision strike that decreases the Cooldown of the Weapon's Special
Special Skil BlinkStrike
Teleports to targeted enemy, dealing 600% Weapon DMG
Main Skill Ricochet
Fires special Bullets that can ricochet off walls up to 4 times losing 25% DMG per hit
Special Skil ScatterShot
Fires a blast that deals 700% Weapon DMG and blind ennemies
Main Skill Boomerang
Throws a Chakram that magically trails back to the Rogue
Special Skil WhirlingBlades
Throws 2 Chakrams in a spiral pattern
Main Skill GuidedShot
Shoots a nature guided arrow that seeks and pierces the nearest enemy
Special Skil Multishot
Fires a deadly Barrage of Arrows for (rank)% weapon DMG


Main Skill Vault
Leaps forward causing Blind to all ennemies near
Special Skill SmokeBomb
Casts a Smoke Cloud that Blinds and deals (rank)% OH DMG/sec. Next attack is dodged.
Main Skill LayTrap
Throws a trap in front of the Rogue that links to other traps, dealing (rank)% OH DMG
Special Skill Sentry
Throws out 3 traps at once that deal (rank)% OH DMG
Main Skill Swap
Swaps places with the nearest MirrorImage or enemy. Stuns & DMG x2 if with MirrorImage
Special Skill MirrorImage
Summons a copy of the Rogue that copies MH abilities for 5sec
Main Skill CoatWeapon
Coats weapons to cause next attack to crit and elemental Crit
Special Skill Stealth
Dodges all attacks for 2sec, and removes all DoTs


Name Effect
Chest Fletcher Attack Speed while using a bow increased by +0.5%
Chest Deadfall +2% Trap Duration and +2% Trap DMG
Chest Pistoleer +2.5% Increased Chance of bullets ricocheting to enemies
Chest Noxious Smoke Bomb reduces enemy resists by +1.5%
Chest Celerity +2.5% Increased speed of chakrams
Chest Mutilate +1.5% Chance to attack an additionnal time with daggers
Head Stagger +1.5% Chance for critical strikes to stun enemies
Head Mirage +2.5% Chance to cast an additional Mirror Image
Head Rebound +7.5% DMG of ricocheted bullets
Head Bombardier +2.5% chance to cast another bomb after using bomb
Head Veil +2.5% stealth duration
Head Relentless +2.5% CDreduction from Quick Attack
Ring Ensnaring +2.5% chance for traps to stun
Ring Counter Dodged Attacks return +80% DMG to enemy
Ring Propulsion +1.5% Chance to knockback enemies with projectiles
Ring Deception +1.5% Chance for Mirror Image to taunt enemies on attack
Ring Blindside +10% DMG on chakram return
Ring Remedy Smoke from bomb heals +0.1%HP per second
Amulet Deadeye Increases crit chance by 0.1% each second until crit
Amulet Ambush +1% Chance for projectiles to spawn traps on impact
Amulet Dextrous Increases dodge by +0.1% each second until dodge
Amulet Illusion Increased duration of MirrorImages by +1%
Amulet Razored +1.5% Chance for attacks to cause bleeding
Amulet Darkness +1.5% more DMG to enemies who are blinded