DungeonQuest Wiki

Stats & Leveling up

By earning EXP from monsters, you can level up your characters. Each new level  you get :

  • +1 stat points
  • +50 mp
  • +50 hp

There are 3 stats in the game and each "stat point" spent into one of them provides a buff of them to your character, whatever its class. However, each point spent into one of these stats doesn't give the same bonus.

Stats Bonus (any classes) Bonus (specific to a class)
Ui circle mana.png
Mana + 50 Mana Wizard : Also Bring you : +  All Resist.
Ui circle health.png
Health + 50 HP Warrior : Also Bring you : + Armor.
Ui circle power.png
Power + 25 DMG Rogue : Also Bring you : + Dodge.

The maximum (at Level 99) for now is : 98 pts