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The Wizard was the first of class in Dungeon Quest

Class Special Trait

The Wizard's special trait is Mana. For each point of Mana purchased at level up, the Wizard gains 1 point to all his Resist stats.


Skills in Dungeon Quest are based on what type of weapon you equip. Mage Skill Uses Mana, a source of energy to cast its spell.

There are 4 types of Mainhand weapons and 4 types of off-hand weapons below.

Each type of weapon gives you access to different skills


Ui mainhand staff.png
Main Skill Comet
Fires a bolt that explodes on hit and deals (rank)% weapon DMG to all enemies in area
Special Skill Meteor
Summons a meteor from the sky that deals (rank)% weapon DMG on impact to all enemies hit
Ui mainhand gauntlet.png
Main Skill Blast
Blasts enemies for (rank)% weapon DMG each second
Special Skill Twister
Summons a torrential twister that pulls enemies and deals (rank)% weapon DMG per hit
Ui mainhand sword.png
Main Skill Pierce
Fires a bolt that pierces through all enemies
Special Skill Orb
Fires a piercing orb that travels through enemies hitting for (rank)% weapon DMG per hit
Ui mainhand wand.png
Main Skill Barrage
Fires bolts quickly with a 50% chance to cast additional bolt
Special Skill Storm
Summons a devestating storm that deals (rank)% weapon DMG over 5 seconds


Ui offhand orb.png
Main Skill Teleportation
Fires off an explosion then teleports the Wizard forward
Special Skill Shatter
Teleports the Wizard forward and explodes on impact for (rank)% offhand DMG
Ui offhand skull.png
Main Skill SkullShield
Summons a Skull that acts as a turret, firing at nearby enemies for (rank)% offhand DMG
Special Skill SkullDraga
Summons a giant skulldra that shoots 3 (rank)% offhand DMG projectiles at once
Ui offhand shield.png
Main Skill ManaShield
Summons a shield that takes mana when hit, and reflects (rank)% offhand DMG
Special Skill Timewarp
Summons field that slows everything within, adds (rank)% offhand DMG to bolts
Ui offhand tome.png
Main Skill Summon
Summons an offensive spirit. While active this skill boosts move and attack spd by 50%
Special Skill Command
Summons a defensive spirit. While active this skill taunts and heals all minions for 10% HP


Name Effect
Chest Sorcery +5% Element Effect Effectivness
Chest Cosmic Increase all resist by +10
Chest Barrier ManaShield MP consumes -1.5% MP
Chest Focus +2% Weapon DMG
Chest Necrotic +2.5% Skull DMG
Chest Prowess +2.5% Minion DMG
Head Wizardry +1% Elemental Critical Chance
Head Amplify +5% DMG for each element effect on enemy
Head Insight +1% Dodge, gain +0% MP with each dodge
Head Backfire +10% Mana Shield DMG
Head Boost +1% Minion move and attack speed
Head Hearty +1.5% Minion HP
Ring Magnify +0.2% Area of Effect Range
Ring Astral Increases Elemental DMG by +0.2% of all Resist
Ring Continuity TimeWarp also slows melee by 2.5%
Ring Bewilder Projectiles have a +1.5% chance to stun
Ring Diffusion +2.5% DMG diverted to minions
Ring Spiritual +1% Minion Health Regen
Amulet Prismatic +2.5% Chance to cast other elements
Amulet Fester +2.5% Element Effect Duration
Amulet Mastery Reduces Cooldowns by +0.5%
Amulet Empower +2.5% Power, -2.5% Max HP
Amulet Reclaim +1% Chance to cast Skull shield on attack
Amulet Recall +1% Chance to cast Summon on attack